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Seriously Pissed Off?

11 Sep

Well recently, whenever i go over to my moms… The internet on my laptop does not work. I have to unplug the router, than plug it back in, This being very stressful becuase i have to repeat this process almost everyday. I usually have to do it when my oldest brother is not around or stuff because it disconnects his internet, which is odd because it seems he is the only one with internet working 24/7.

If i close my laptop for about an hour or two and open it back up to use, The internet is disconnected once again. My moms computers internet also doesn’t work, which is as well stressful for her too. I know its not the company or my laptop because my laptop works fine at my dads house so i’m like saying “What the heck..?” Totally wishing it would just work thoroughly for once.


Seriously craving California rolls?

11 Sep

Seriously. I’m starving and i would totally be down for some yummy California Rolls and some steamed rice would be nice. Too bad there’s no sushi shop nearby and grocery stores are icky. I wonder if we still own our sushi making tools, if we do… I’m going shopping and making some homemades, haha.

The grocery stores seriously overprice sushi and sushi rolls these days it’s ridiculous. Like 6 sushi rolls are about 6$, When i could go to a place i got Sushi from before downtown and get 16 pieces of sushi plus soup, fruit salad, etc lunch for about 6-7$. To be honest, the stores aren’t very tastey either. In my opinion at least.

Yummmiesss! *___*

She Likes Cute Etsy Shop

11 Sep

I was looking through some other blogs and someone had blogged about this Etsy shop, i checked it out and everything on there i was commenting, “Want, Want, Def Want.” The stuff is amazingly cute and i most definetly will be purchasing from their shop. Visit the shop @ SheLikesCute

Gossip Girl Back Monday Sept 13th

11 Sep

Love Gossip Girl as i do? Excited for the 4th season? Very surprised by how they left us last season? Wondering what’s to come? Than you’ve come to the right place, because i am wondering all the same things and thinking them.

I will not give spoilers on the season finale of season 3 if anyone didn’t see it but i must say that was on of the most intense episodes of Gossip Girl i’ve ever seen. The series of events that had come and placed in that one episode was amazing… They sorta put too much into one i must say but it was a good episode.

Gossip Girl Cast

Kid cartoons?

11 Sep

Remember waking up on the weekends at 7am, rushing downstairs to the tv room and turning the TV on to tune into the cartoons that used to be on? Well recently i’ve been waking up on the weekends early to tune into these adorable cartoons. Like i am 16 years of ago, but i must admit kids cartoons aren’t even that bad. Some of them are pretty funny. Currently i’m watching Penguins of Madagascar, this show makes me giggle.

But there are a bunch of new kids cartoons, obviously. You know what i find amazing? As a kid did you ever play/watch BeyBlades? Well i figured out they’re still is a show, When i found out i sort of laughed but at the same time i sorta wanted to watch the show. I wasn’t really a tomboy as a kid, more of a girlygirl but i had two brothers and when Yu-Gi-Oh, BeyBlades, DiGiMon, were on i would just watch them.

I also remember Fox’s cartoons, Like Kirby? Yeah they made a Kirby show, amazing i know. When i found out that Yu-Gi-Oh was still around i could not believe my eyes, obviously it’s new characters and such but Yu-Gi-Oh was like one of my favourite boyish based shows or animeish whatever you wanna call it. But obviously nothing beats out the original. -.-

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Penguins Of Madagascar

Avatar : The Last Airbender

PowerPuff Girls

Addicted to Sprinkle donuts?

11 Sep

I had to post this because i myself currently am going through an addicted to sprinkle donut phase. I cannot stop eating some of these sprinkle donuts, their so good. Although i do know that they are full of calories…

But can you NOT say delicious to this?

Sprinkle donut

Smallville, Promo Suit… Intense?

11 Sep

So i watched the semi-promo for the last season of Smallville. Does that ever look intense or what? Finally Clark’s breaking out the Superman suit! Wooot wooot ! I’ll definetly be tuning into this last season of Smallville, how could i ever miss it?

Smallville : Suit Preview