Seriously Pissed Off?

11 Sep

Well recently, whenever i go over to my moms… The internet on my laptop does not work. I have to unplug the router, than plug it back in, This being very stressful becuase i have to repeat this process almost everyday. I usually have to do it when my oldest brother is not around or stuff because it disconnects his internet, which is odd because it seems he is the only one with internet working 24/7.

If i close my laptop for about an hour or two and open it back up to use, The internet is disconnected once again. My moms computers internet also doesn’t work, which is as well stressful for her too. I know its not the company or my laptop because my laptop works fine at my dads house so i’m like saying “What the heck..?” Totally wishing it would just work thoroughly for once.


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