True Blood, Season 3 Finale

14 Sep

I’m just gonna come out and say it, i was very disappointed. I was expecting some more Sookie&Eric action… But the only real kiss they’ve had is i think the 11th episode, and after that kiss Pam convinced Eric to use Sookie. Making her think she was betrayed which upset me a bit. I’m still reading the books, i’m a bit lost since i haven’t read them for about a year so i have to re-read them so i know where i’ll be.

But i was really excited with Alcide and Sookie this season, i know i highly dislike BillxSookie… Me being a fan of Alexander Skarsgard will always love him. Sookie’s my favourite girl character at the moment, And Alcide being introduced i sort of like the chemistry between him and Sookie… I’m hard to decide when it comes to TV relationships, i’ll like two couples and sometimes can’t decide which i like more. Still rooting for SookiexEric cause … Like Their just amazing and totally meant to be.

I don’t really want to spoil it, but if you’ve watched it.. Leave comments on your opinions on it?


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