…Taken By Surprise!?

17 Sep

Wooow…So when i got home from school today, and went onto the computer. Checked my facebook and noticed that a contest i had entered had ended, so i went over to the video to check who won.. And guess who’s username was in the desciption box…? IF YOU GUESSED MINE, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, i was taking by so much surprise i could barely breathe.. When i got over that and noticed that i did win, the first thing i did was run to my dads room and let him know! I woke him up from his nap, which he wasn’t so happy but i thought i’d still let him know.

I’m going through many emotions at the moment, i’m so surprised by this it’s .. Crazy, so unreal! I’m so excited to recieve the CHIAir Curling Iron since i’ve been meaning to pick up a curling iron soon! I love curling my hair and now i will be able to curl my hair without my flatiron and use a tool you’re suppose to use! Gosh, i’m just so… EEEEK!


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