Hey, i’m haley. 16 years of age and loving it. I know what i want to be when i grow up, what i want, what kind of life… You can say i’m very planned out, but i live every day by its day at the moment. I’m a bit of a fan nerd, i love to cosplay… My first was Rini{MiniMoon} From Sailor Moon. I love to photoshop images, use sony vegas… You’ll see me posting some of my videos and images since this is my blog and i sorta post whatever, LOL. I love to make funny faces, when you get to know me, making faces is what i live for.. I feel they can say ALOT. I’m a very good person to get along with, i like to be everyones friend.. I’m a hyper person, Yes i’ll jump around and scream from the top of my lungs.. Of course i don’t do that on the internet, LOL. I’m a very colourful person, as you can tell from the template, my favourite colour is pink. I absolutely LOVE strawberries, yes i said it.. I LOVE A FRUIT, OH MY GOD. I’d rather sit on the computer than hang out with friends in rl, Yeppp… i’m one of them xD. I don’t label myself, i am who i am, i am Haley, i am not a label, i am not made of paper. I believe everyone has emotions, even if they deny it, yes everyone has sucky life at times.. I will complain sometimes about my problems, but it ticks me off when others think that their life is the worst on the planet.

I’m an easy person to get along with, …. Message me? ❤


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