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Sailor Venus or Sailor Jupiter?

7 Oct

Gah, i’m totally torn between the two. I don’t know which i wanna cosplay as for AnimeNorth. I’m doing Vanille from FFXII one day, but the other i don’t know whether i wanna do Jupiter or Venus. Help please? For Venus i could get a wig and for Jupiter i might have to dye my hair a darker brown since my is really light brown because of the sun.


Sailor Venus



Sailor Jupiter



Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Toys, Etc.

2 Oct

Grrrr, Have you ever regretted throwing out your childhood toys? I really am, i totally threw out most or all of my Sailor Moon toys and i am desperately wanting them back, now that i’ve gotten my addiction back to Sailor Moon i seriously want my toys back since they are now rare and worth a fair amount of money… *sigh*. I hope for christmas i can find some cheap ones off ebay or something that i can put on my wishlist and hopefully get, i would be very happy of course. But i also really want a PS3 and sometimes you have to make sacrifices :/ Hopefully the PS3 will drop in price around the holiday season so i can get a couple toys or action figures or even plushies and get the Ps3 too? (:

I really would love the 2oth anniversary Sailor Moon boxsets too, those would be a dream come true, just saying! ūüėÄ

I’ve continued watching Sailor Moon recently, i took a little hiatus but i’m back on it now, i really want to start making fanvids of Sailor Moon too, nerd much? HAHA. XD

Signatures! New!

1 Oct

New signatures , hehe .. I’ve been obsessed with making them in my com tech since i’ve finished all assignments and lessons, (: Pictures found from various sites, mostly google!

Textures from

Babies & Dreams

1 Oct

So i want to congratulate my best friends mother for having her baby the other day! She’s beautiful and¬†very much¬†adorable and i seriously can’t wait to see her after school today!


Well me being the child lover i am, i had a dream the other day about having a baby and taking care of it. The dream was very much real, but the concepts of how i had the baby and such, were a bit loopy. It mostly consisted of me having a baby, than taking it out of the hospital, going shopping for cute little clothes and i woke up when i had approached my friends with the very cute little being in my hands.

I had told my friends about this dream and how much i’m wanting to have a baby. I know i am 16 but i feel if you can produce a baby you can have one, no i am not saying i’m going to go have a baby tomorrow! Of course not, that’d be insane! But it really makes me wonder what being a parent is like because obviously dreams aren’t that vivid.

I am really wishing i had taken the parenting course at my school so i would get a good look upon how it is to take care of a child and such. I know it is alot of work, but they are so cute! And ~Squeels~ …

I just can’t wait till i am older and i can actually support myself and a child and i have a good job, a car and preferably¬†a house with a loving husband i will than choose to have a kid!

rini & princess serena

24 Sep

Aren’t they so cute ? (: I adore this picture of them. think imma get this put onto a purse so I can carry it around . (: found via google.

She Likes Cute Etsy Shop

11 Sep

I was looking through some other blogs and someone had blogged about this Etsy shop, i checked it out and everything on there i was commenting, “Want, Want, Def Want.” The stuff is amazingly cute and i most definetly will be purchasing from their shop. Visit the shop @ SheLikesCute

Hello Kitty Hotel?

11 Sep

I had seen another post this on a different site, when i saw it, i was so amazed. All i could think was, “I would love to stay there!” or even “I want a house like that!”

Hello Kitty Hotel

Link to site :