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Signatures! New!

1 Oct

New signatures , hehe .. I’ve been obsessed with making them in my com tech since i’ve finished all assignments and lessons, (: Pictures found from various sites, mostly google!

Textures from


Kaya Scodelario Photoshoot=Amazing

16 Sep

Was searching through the web for some photos of Kaya and this photo shoot photos kept popping up everywhere. I searched for a link to the whole gallery and gosh i seriously love these photos. She’s freaking beautiful that’s for sure, i most definitely will be using these photos for some graphics, how could i not?

Link To Gallery

Skins Blend

15 Sep

Made a Skins blend in Com Tech class today.. :3

Pictures used ;

Result ;

Signatures? First In Along Time? :D

12 Sep

Well i decided to do some Skins signatures today, since i soon will be opening a portfolio site so i would like to have some graphics all ready to go. I fersure wanted to make it Skins since i did these while my internet was down at my moms and i think they came out pretty good, if i should upload the Avatars/icons that i made as well let me know, kay? :3



New Layout! Skins!

12 Sep

New layout.. Yes again. But i was really bored, and my love for Skins is coming back due to me making fanvideos of them 😛 I really really really love this layout. I incorporated a bunch of styles i have used in seperate layouts to make it into one, I seriously think this layout is beautiful… I feel it turned out way better than i expected and i’m VERY happy with the result… The colours and everything just goes together perfectly. It took me about 2-3 hours to make.. Than i had to code it and shortly after i thought it’d be a great idea to make a matching youtube video{LOL}… And i spent about 3 hours on that{1min?} …. I tried to put alot of effort into these two and i hope it paid off?

Buffy&Angel Layout

10 Sep

Buffy And Angel IMVU Layout

I’m really loving this layout i was up till about 1am last night working on.

It’s nothing really special, but it’s a change from the styles i’ve been doing.

Creative Business Cards

10 Sep

After searching through the web for some cool articles, I found this one about 5o creative business cards. After i had looked through them, it really shows the creativity a Graphics Artist can show and express through their work. I was absolutely impressed and me being an aspiring Graphics Artist i surely am hoping one day i will make some very nice business cards as well.


Absolutely loving the ‘E’ shape here and the creativeness that was expressed through this business card.