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Babies & Dreams

1 Oct

So i want to congratulate my best friends mother for having her baby the other day! She’s beautiful and very much adorable and i seriously can’t wait to see her after school today!


Well me being the child lover i am, i had a dream the other day about having a baby and taking care of it. The dream was very much real, but the concepts of how i had the baby and such, were a bit loopy. It mostly consisted of me having a baby, than taking it out of the hospital, going shopping for cute little clothes and i woke up when i had approached my friends with the very cute little being in my hands.

I had told my friends about this dream and how much i’m wanting to have a baby. I know i am 16 but i feel if you can produce a baby you can have one, no i am not saying i’m going to go have a baby tomorrow! Of course not, that’d be insane! But it really makes me wonder what being a parent is like because obviously dreams aren’t that vivid.

I am really wishing i had taken the parenting course at my school so i would get a good look upon how it is to take care of a child and such. I know it is alot of work, but they are so cute! And ~Squeels~ …

I just can’t wait till i am older and i can actually support myself and a child and i have a good job, a car and preferably a house with a loving husband i will than choose to have a kid!


Illustration or Animation?

12 Sep

Gosh i’m completely torn between the two. I have a base idea of what i want to be when i grow up… Something to do with the Graphics Design/Film direction but i can’t decide which course i wanna take for College. I’m in grade 11, yes i have this year and next year to College but it’s better to decide earlier than later, ye’know?

Guess i’ll have to make a guidance appointment and switch out of some classes, I’m already taking almost all art related courses but i need to change levels and such. Gosh i hate school, wish i was already in last year of college :/