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Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Toys, Etc.

2 Oct

Grrrr, Have you ever regretted throwing out your childhood toys? I really am, i totally threw out most or all of my Sailor Moon toys and i am desperately wanting them back, now that i’ve gotten my addiction back to Sailor Moon i seriously want my toys back since they are now rare and worth a fair amount of money… *sigh*. I hope for christmas i can find some cheap ones off ebay or something that i can put on my wishlist and hopefully get, i would be very happy of course. But i also really want a PS3 and sometimes you have to make sacrifices :/ Hopefully the PS3 will drop in price around the holiday season so i can get a couple toys or action figures or even plushies and get the Ps3 too? (:

I really would love the 2oth anniversary Sailor Moon boxsets too, those would be a dream come true, just saying! 😀

I’ve continued watching Sailor Moon recently, i took a little hiatus but i’m back on it now, i really want to start making fanvids of Sailor Moon too, nerd much? HAHA. XD


New Video!

17 Sep

New video, Live now!

Freddie, Effy & Cook … Wonderful love triangle TV has to provide… 😀


Link To Video

New Vidlet!

12 Sep

Got a new video up! I’m very excited about this one because i have not made a fanvideo since i believe late February and thats a long long long time Dx I thought i wouldn’t make anymore too but i got seriously bored while the internet was down and i had not made many videos with series 4 so i did so. It’s mostly of the love triangle{Effy, Freddie, Cook} Amazing… And their struggles through the two series, And in the end both Effy & Freddie die… :/

I couldn’t think of anything so blah -.-

Visit here to watch the video