Glad To Be Taking Visual Arts

24 Sep

Let’me just say, i’m estatic.. very happy that i took visual arts this semester and next semester. Obviously i had to take a grade 1o one so i’d have that credit to get into the grade 11 one next semester. But i absolutely love it, i’m actually learning stuff, and i don’t have to look on the web for drawing tutorials because i got my teacher and he’s a great art teacher i must add. I’m very happy with my progress and now maybe i’ll be able to draw me in anime self or maybe some sailor scouts !

Yes i’m a nerd like that, but i’ve always dreamed of drawing anime and never been able too. I always thought my brother, JD was blessed with the drawing talents but i guess everyone can draw if they just take the time and learn and the practice.

Later in the year i’ll post pictures of what i’ve done, currently we’re drawing our shoes and i think i’m doing a pretty good job! (:


rini & princess serena

24 Sep

Aren’t they so cute ? (: I adore this picture of them. think imma get this put onto a purse so I can carry it around . (: found via google.….!

21 Sep

Hey guys, i would like to suggest this lovely site to everyone. Mal is a VERY nice and kind person, she has really good fashion, she has constant giveaways and most of the time they aren’t cheap items!!! Most people out there if they got some stuff they would just keep it for themselves but she offers it to her fans/viewers. I think she’s a very kind-hearted person, I would love to get to know her, cause she seems very sweet and has a great personality. She always seems happy and is always smiling in her videos, and who doesn’t love a person that smiles almost 24/7? 😛

I really think you all should check out her website @

Or you can follow her on twitter @

Or you can become a fan of hers on facebook! @ Beauty From Yours Truly

She has a Youtube channel which you can also check out @ TheMalPearsonShow

I really suggest everyone who reads this to check her out, seriously. :3

I mean she was at New York’s Fashion Week that’s gotta say something.. She knows what she’s talking about when it’s about fashion!

Homeless Man Gives Back.

19 Sep

After reading this article, I was speechless. I think it is a great thing in what he did, he could have bought himself an apartment or whatever he pleased for 2,5oo$ but instead he chose to give it to two charities and a clinic. I found this article and this man rather inspiring, i guess sometimes not all homeless people are drug addicts or whatever we may think they are. Yes there are some drug addicts on the streets and alcoholics but i guess this man shows that not all of them are those type of people.

Link to article

…Taken By Surprise!?

17 Sep

Wooow…So when i got home from school today, and went onto the computer. Checked my facebook and noticed that a contest i had entered had ended, so i went over to the video to check who won.. And guess who’s username was in the desciption box…? IF YOU GUESSED MINE, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, i was taking by so much surprise i could barely breathe.. When i got over that and noticed that i did win, the first thing i did was run to my dads room and let him know! I woke him up from his nap, which he wasn’t so happy but i thought i’d still let him know.

I’m going through many emotions at the moment, i’m so surprised by this it’s .. Crazy, so unreal! I’m so excited to recieve the CHIAir Curling Iron since i’ve been meaning to pick up a curling iron soon! I love curling my hair and now i will be able to curl my hair without my flatiron and use a tool you’re suppose to use! Gosh, i’m just so… EEEEK!

New Video!

17 Sep

New video, Live now!

Freddie, Effy & Cook … Wonderful love triangle TV has to provide… 😀


Link To Video

Kaya Scodelario Photoshoot=Amazing

16 Sep

Was searching through the web for some photos of Kaya and this photo shoot photos kept popping up everywhere. I searched for a link to the whole gallery and gosh i seriously love these photos. She’s freaking beautiful that’s for sure, i most definitely will be using these photos for some graphics, how could i not?

Link To Gallery