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13 Oct

Well my first impressions of the movie before i saw it i once saw a clip of Dren and them feeding her and such, i thought she was good and such. I thought the movie was a happy one, totally different from what i thought; everyone had told me it’s more of horror so that’s where i got the impression. I originally did not want to watch the movie but my dad wanted to so i thought why the heck not ? What could be SO bad ? … I literally am like puking in my mouth, like don’t get me wrong i’m into the whole sci fy styff but that was literally disgusting.. Sorry beyond disgusting… Ugh, i’m like literally stained. It was completely different from what i thought, and personally i thought that it had a terrible and disgusting ending. Everyones saying it’s a fantastic movie, maybe but i thought it was literally disgusting.. I really regret watching it now.