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13 Oct

Well my first impressions of the movie before i saw it i once saw a clip of Dren and them feeding her and such, i thought she was good and such. I thought the movie was a happy one, totally different from what i thought; everyone had told me it’s more of horror so that’s where i got the impression. I originally did not want to watch the movie but my dad wanted to so i thought why the heck not ? What could be SO bad ? … I literally am like puking in my mouth, like don’t get me wrong i’m into the whole sci fy styff but that was literally disgusting.. Sorry beyond disgusting… Ugh, i’m like literally stained. It was completely different from what i thought, and personally i thought that it had a terrible and disgusting ending. Everyones saying it’s a fantastic movie, maybe but i thought it was literally disgusting.. I really regret watching it now.


127 Hours

14 Sep

Well aside from my favourite male actor and future husband being in it{James Franco}, it looks like an absolute amazing movie. Me being close to Toronto and the TIFF going on, i’m seriously considering going to view it at TIFF… It looks like an absolute fantastic movie, Especially being based on a real mans story. I did not know the name of it, but my dad had told me bout it this morning… He knows my little crush on James… xDDD. First period today, in Com Tech my Com Tech teacher had showed us the trailer, i automatically knew it was James but i had not seen the trailer. I guess it’s sort of a bigish movie if my Com Tech teacher knows about it, LOL.

The whole story behind it and the actual man who had this happen to him is just a bit sad, Having to amutate his arm with a butter knife? To get out. :/ It seems sort of sad, when i saw the beginning of the trailer.. I’ll admit i thought it was a Horror Movie, LOOOOOOL. Far from it but it’s not my fault, the way it started out seemed like that… But yeah.

Recommend everyone to check out this film when it hits theaters, I’ll def be checking it out fersure.

James Franco… GAY?

12 Sep

Gosh. I almost died when i saw this video on my msn bottom screen. Me being like a diehard James Franco fan… Someday i WILL marry him, almost had a heartattack when i saw this… Like don’t get me wrong, i’m not a homophobe but i was a bit taken by surprise. But when i saw and watched the video that he denied them and the reason he plays ‘Gay’ roles i was very relieved.

Link to video