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Babies & Dreams

1 Oct

So i want to congratulate my best friends mother for having her baby the other day! She’s beautiful and very much adorable and i seriously can’t wait to see her after school today!


Well me being the child lover i am, i had a dream the other day about having a baby and taking care of it. The dream was very much real, but the concepts of how i had the baby and such, were a bit loopy. It mostly consisted of me having a baby, than taking it out of the hospital, going shopping for cute little clothes and i woke up when i had approached my friends with the very cute little being in my hands.

I had told my friends about this dream and how much i’m wanting to have a baby. I know i am 16 but i feel if you can produce a baby you can have one, no i am not saying i’m going to go have a baby tomorrow! Of course not, that’d be insane! But it really makes me wonder what being a parent is like because obviously dreams aren’t that vivid.

I am really wishing i had taken the parenting course at my school so i would get a good look upon how it is to take care of a child and such. I know it is alot of work, but they are so cute! And ~Squeels~ …

I just can’t wait till i am older and i can actually support myself and a child and i have a good job, a car and preferably a house with a loving husband i will than choose to have a kid!


Laziness&Overly Tiredness

16 Sep

So i’ve been noticing, i’ve been getting even lazier than before now… Like i’m too lazy to sometimes get up and go to the washroom, or get up and go downstairs to get a drink or something. I’ve been also having an extreme amount of overly tiredness… I’ve had/noticed this for awhile now though. Like i could sleep for 15 hours and still be tired. I might be overslept but what i don’t understand because if you’re tired you’ll still sleep so if your overslept and that’s the reason you’re tired… Won’t you just continue to sleep to try to get rid of this tiredness?

I think i should start eating healthy, I sometimes eat healthy lunches at school from the cafe. Example; Today i had Sweet and Sour stir fry from the cafe in my school, very delicious might i say… Although it had a side of popcorn chicken which isn’t really healthy but they got rid of the Chicken Chile which was my favourite…. D: I guess i should ask my dad to buy me some fruits and vegetables, i’m going to try to search the internet for some healthy meals.. Or if anyone reads my blog and knows some healthy meals, let me know?

I’m also going to attempt to get a gym membership this year so i can start working out at my gym, going on the treadmill and maybe some Yoga classes, i’d really like to do some Yoga classes.