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Justin Bieber Twitter, Compared to Lady GaGa?

7 Oct

Well i was absolutely shocked when i saw that Justin Bieber had more followers on Twitter than Lady GaGa.  I personally thought that Lady GaGa would have more followers than JB but i guess not, I guess most of JB’s followers are just his crazy fangirls{God their annoying, HAH xD} Personally i don’t care for both, they both annoy me and i sometimes wanna smack them with a fish. Lady GaGa is extreme, too extreme … & Justin Bieber is just like, ew. No offence, ….. >w>




21 Sep

Hey guys, i would like to suggest this lovely site to everyone. Mal is a VERY nice and kind person, she has really good fashion, she has constant giveaways and most of the time they aren’t cheap items!!! Most people out there if they got some stuff they would just keep it for themselves but she offers it to her fans/viewers. I think she’s a very kind-hearted person, I would love to get to know her, cause she seems very sweet and has a great personality. She always seems happy and is always smiling in her videos, and who doesn’t love a person that smiles almost 24/7? 😛

I really think you all should check out her website @ Www.MalPearson.com

Or you can follow her on twitter @ twitter.com/Mal_Pearson

Or you can become a fan of hers on facebook! @ Beauty From Yours Truly

She has a Youtube channel which you can also check out @ TheMalPearsonShow

I really suggest everyone who reads this to check her out, seriously. :3

I mean she was at New York’s Fashion Week that’s gotta say something.. She knows what she’s talking about when it’s about fashion!

Twitter Obsessed?

14 Sep

I’ve seriously become obsessed, Twitters like a goddamn drug… :/ I always thought it was silly in how much people twittered but i guess I’ve caught this contagious disease… -,-; Even though i have about like… 9 followers…? I still find it fun to update my life. Surely i have facebook, but twitters just easier imho and more funner :’D But gotta get somewhere right? Lol

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